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Questions for Storyteller and things to think about

on Fri Nov 16, 2018 8:38 am
So the first question is how long has it been in game time since we left off? A few weeks, months, a year?

I didn't save any of my Mage notes electronically, unfortunately, so I'm trying to remember all the details. And I hardly remember any of the NPC names so you will have to help me with that.

Main Plot Points:

1. Fall-out from Harris' death
This is probably what Squeak is most upset about, especially if it has only been a short time since it happened. You said Fotus left town. Does Squeak know that Fotus killed Harris? You also said that Harris' daughter is with Dim. I feel that Squeak would feel a sense of brotherly responsibility for her.

2. Secret Order of the Gate
Like is the Gate handler chick going to send Squeak on missions? How does this develop as a legacy? Has the Gate, or the Abyss, changed since Boothe accended and the sixth tower emerged?

3. Finder for hire
I really liked this idea, that Squeak was like a kid version of the Finder. And you did have that rich guy put Squeak on retainer and shove stacks of cash on him (giving Squeak stacks of cash is probably not a good idea).

4. Mom
I forgot where we left off with this. Did Switch cure Squeek's mom's meth addiction? Is she still in Louisianna, or did she move. Or did you kill her off? I honestly don't remember.

5. Dad
So Benthem is Squeak's dad. Where we left off with him he was headed to Louisianna to "take care of some mistakes I made 11 years ago". And he had Dr. Emma Schliermacher, newly awakened, but in a coma because of some cursed Atlantian vase. And presumably, the Panopticon is pissed off. So what's up with that?

6. Rillian is Gargamel?
I assume this is still the main thing for you. (I don't have those five dots of destiny for nothing). I'm just saying that last time Rillian tried to "sacrifice" his "lamb" to his meteor god or whatever, I had rats eat his face off. He's certainly welcome to try again.

7. Chinese Menu
So like I said, in-game Squeak "memorized" the menu and then put it back in Fotus' room. If you want to retcon and say that he stole it, I'd be cool with that. Squeak steals stuff (he still has a key to the Mysterium library).

8. My date with the President's daughter
Or whatever that was. Someone in D.C. owes Squeak a favor.

9. Switch
Switch is cool, and I wouldn't mind having adventures with everyone's favorite cow-fu Arrow. Do I still live with him above Farm's Pizza, or am I with SOotG lady? Or am I living full time at the Mysterium Library, like Hogwarts style?

That's the main stuff I can remember. I might be missing something. I wasn't really involved in Fotus' time investigation thing, but I thought it was cool, and something Tim the Archmage of Time would be interested in. I thought the thing with the changeling lady sounded cool. And then there is Mr. Fingers.
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Re: Questions for Storyteller and things to think about

on Sat Nov 24, 2018 1:57 pm
1. Squeak does not know that Fotus killed Harris.  By the time Squeak comes to from his Abyss-induced coma, Fotus and Quartz have left town.  Dim has already left town with Harris' daughter.  Squeak would know her true name, Tikvah Evans, and have a mild sympathetic connection to her.  Dim may not know of the kid's self-determined older-brother relationship to the baby and thus may not react favorably to some stranger teleporting around.  Then again, adult disapproval has never mattered much to Squeak.

2. Squeak, as far as he knows, has never met the woman.  He has yet to have any contact with other members of the Order.

3. Squeak is on retainer with someone who calls himself "the Businessman".  If that's an avenue you'd like to pursue, I can definitely create plot there.

4. I don't actually recall dealing with Squeak's mom.  Can you remind me?

5. You'll find out.

6. Rillian is definitely going to be showing up in the future.  I still find it funny that you think the person Squeak killed was Rillian.

7. Squeak put the takeout menu back, mistakenly believing that memorization works with a grimoire.  However, a week or so after Harris' death, Switch hands the menu to Squeak, saying that Harris wanted him to have it.

8. Squeak is unaware but Harris has bequeathed to him one favor from a yet-to-be-named political mover-and-shaker.

9. Squeak lives with Switch above the Farmhouse.  His tutor from the Mysterium, Alunno, has pronounced Squeak "sufficiently competent" (his words) to function in Pentacle society.  Has Squeak stated his intention to join the Mysterium yet?

Tim the (not yet) archmage would definitely be interested in Fotus' research (which he has put on hold to go on an Adventure (note the capitalization)).  Remember that Fotus' research was based on Metros' research.  Even though Metros is a Moros (that's fun to say), he's a well-known master of the Time arcanum and so could be an acquaintance of Tim's.  Tim may also be interested in the ghosts of Georgia who died in battles which never occurred.
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Things for Squeak and Tim to do

on Sat Nov 24, 2018 2:14 pm
1. If you want to do a Squeak adventure first, I could do a finder mission. Or is there some sort of initiation process for the Mysterium?

2. I think something with Tim would be fun if you want to incorporate him into the Misery-verse. Even if he is only a Time master and not yet an archmage Metros would probably consider him a colleague. Would he ask Tim for help with something? I think it could be interesting to pursue that or the Civil War thing as a path to the Imperial way.

3. Or there could be some sort of joint mission, maybe involving Arcadia (which I feel both Tim and Squeak would be interested in)
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Re: Questions for Storyteller and things to think about

on Sat Nov 24, 2018 2:29 pm
That's completely up to you. I'll run whatever plot you like.
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Tim the Mage

on Sat Nov 24, 2018 3:00 pm

Something like this for Auggie (Tim's shadow name for the present)

If he is living in Misery I think he would be like a high school science teacher and live in a camper somewhere on the outskirts of town. He is part of the Mysterium and has a thing for Arthurian legends and old stuff in general. He has an enchanted sword, but it's not quite as powerful as the one he had in the Doom-verse.
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on Sat Nov 24, 2018 3:03 pm
Is there a particular NPC you want to play around with? I either want to do something that contributes to Squeak progressing in magery (leveling up), or something that will create a cool connection to the Werewolf game.
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Re: Questions for Storyteller and things to think about

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